Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adyashanti & Loch Kelly-"The Journey After Awakening"

 So welcome everyone.

 We can continue to enjoy the silence, which includes all of that movement as well. The deep silence, the silence of who we are is similar to the silence of the body or the mind. When we discover who we really are as this vast silent awakeness, the body and mind may also feel the effect. The mind and the body may relax, the rest that we’ve been looking for may be found to be who we are and that it has always been here. So that rest, or that silence, is not just the absence of activity, movement or sound. It’s really an opportunity in a place like this, in the middle of a city, to really see what real silence is. When you go off to the country you can hang out in relative silence and your body and mind get some good quality rest. Then you come back and start again. But this silence that’s here, that’s always here, isn’t about un-including anything. Everything is included and nothing is pushed away. Nothing is opposed and we begin to sense or hear or see directly without looking through the mind, without looking to belief, from belief. We come back to our senses and include thought as just one of the senses and include thinking as a movement, as a natural part of this form, of this body-mind. We don’t look through the eyes of our mind. We just sense what these thoughts are appearing in, just for one second. Just notice that little movement of awareness to allow however your mind is now, whether it’s agitated or sleepy or trying to understand or find. Then just notice what these thoughts are appearing in. Just move your awareness to the space in which sound is coming and going, in which sensations are moving. Not trying to change your body or any part of the world, but just letting it be as it is. Allowing attention to stop or drop or open, look to the openness that’s looking through the eyes. What do you notice? In some ways you can say it’s just moving from normal to ordinary, that that’s what awakening is. That’s it. We’re not looking for the special effects, not looking to get rid of the experiences of our body and minds, to change them—initially—at all. But really just unhooking awareness from where it usually has been trained to go—to the functioning mind, to thought—just letting it stop and let the train of thought just continue. Get off and just wave. Not judging it; not making it the enemy, just seeing the subway pass. Letting the functioning mind operate just like the heart, it beats. Just like sounds come to the ears. Like the ears are open, letting the mind be open. Usually there is an experience, then of some kind of not knowing, something that isn’t connected to the usual way of knowing. Anyone have a sense of that? There can be a quality with it as it comes into form—peace, stillness. Anyone want to say a word when you check in and see what it’s like? What would you say? Acceptance? Yes. Something that’s here that doesn’t have to try to accept. But when it’s noticed, when there is a stopping or an unhooking or a dropping or a taking a half step back or noticing the space in which everything is coming and going, including that. Not an either-or, but a both-and; both the body and the mind. And this which knows in a different way, which sees without going to the mind, without looking through thought, but looks prior to thought and feels more like its knowing from the heart. So it’s almost like dropping your awareness below your neck and checking to see what that’s like. What’s here? What do you notice? Anyone? A word or sense of who you are? What’s here? 

 Loch Kelly

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