Friday, March 22, 2013

The Way

The Way

The Sage and the Guru got into a fight
About who was wrong and what was right.
“Dear Guru, if you knew what I do, you’d know,
That the knowing as you know it, just isn’t so.”
“Though your words, dearest Sage, sound outrageously wise
There is much in this suchness you miss with your eyes.”
So the Sage and the Guru engaged in debate
About good and bad, dark and light, faith and fate.
They bickered away day and night, night and day,
And their egos, exposed, did erode in the fray.
Soon the Sage and the Guru grew buoyantly light
And forgot how to figure what’s wrong or who’s right.
They no longer, for certain, knew who was who,
If the Guru was Sage or the Sage was Guru.
“Beautiful Sage-Guru, If you could but see,
You would no longer doubt I am you, you are me.”
“My most gentle Guru-Sage, if that were true
Then I would be wrong and right would be you.”
What was true, who was what, who was who, who’s to say? 
Thus goes the new age Guru-Sage-Argue-Way.

source: Zen Mister

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