Monday, March 4, 2013

Francis Lucille - You were never in your body

Isn't it hard after that to come back into your body and live daily life?

You were never in your body, so the question of coming back into it
doesn't come up. Your body is in you. You are not in it. Your body
appears to you as a series of sensory perceptions and concepts. It is
in this way that you know you have a body, when you feel it or when
you think of it. These perceptions and these thoughts appear in you,
pure conscious attention. You do not appear in them, contrary to what
your parents, your teachers and nearly the whole of the society you live
in has taught you. In flagrant contradiction to your actual experience,
they have taught you that you are in your body as consciousness, that
consciousness is a function emerging from the brain, an organ of your
body. I suggest that you do not give undue credence to this second-hand
knowledge and that you inquire into the raw data of your own experience.
Remember the recipes for happiness that were given to you by these same
people when you were a child, study hard, get a good job, marry the right
man, etc.? These recipes don't work, otherwise you wouldn't be here
asking these questions. They don't work because they are based on a false
perspective of reality, a perspective that I am suggesting that you put into

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