Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chuck Surface - The Great Mystery

This Great Mystery of Life,
At some point becomes,
The Great Matter of consideration.

You start seeking,
And enter the spiritual marketplace…
And a tsunami of chaos rolls over you,
Spinning you, submerged,
In a torrent of teachings.

No wonder people take refuge
In this teaching or that,
In Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.
One could go mad.

So many teachings,
So many teachers.
So many diverse views and paths,
Expressed in so many different ways,
Even within a given tradition!

If you don't hold to your own Heart
As the ultimate Sat Guru,
If you don't have a sense of spiritual autonomy,
Even as a seeker,
All manner of dangers arise at every turn.

You may become enamoured of spiritual powers,
Or teachers, not yet liberated, who emanate shakti.
You may be lured by the diamond-like logic of advaita;
Or enamoured of the exotic glamours
Of this religion or that.

You read volumes of words,
Describing this view or that,
Expressed in countless ways,
Born of an originator's experience,
Interpreted through their own unique nature…

And expounded as “enlightenment” or “awakening”.

Who to believe, when all assert
With such certitude and authority,
The view they hold,
And how to come to it?!

After all too many years
I Ieft the spiritual marketplace,
And kicked the dust of it
Off my shoes.

It was all too much for me,
And in the end…
I Surrendered,
To being forever unenlightened.

I left enlightenment,
To those who knew what the word meant.
For myself…
I hadn't a clue.

It was enough to be Liberated from "i",
And for the locus of the Heart,
To be Illumined with Bliss.
Whatever… one… calls… that.

Broken, wounded, imperfect,
As is the nature of manifestation.
Perfect, flawless, Immaculate,
As is the nature of formless Pure Being.

The imperfect made immaculate,
Through Grace,
Like an evanescent cloud,
Illumined by the Sun.

One, an ever-changing Dream,
The other, before the arising of the Dream,
Both experienced neither as two…
Nor One.

I've no idea how to qualify or quantify,
This Experience of… Being.
Such considerations are the doorway to hell.

What it is,
What it means,
Where it stands in relationship,
To this teaching or that…

I've no idea.

It's all…
A Great Mystery.

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