Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chuck Surface - Beyond Reckoning

Beyond Reckoning

In nirvikalpa samadhi,
In unmanifest Pure Being,
There is no here or there.
Immaculate Perfection.

But here, in manifestation,
All manner of imperfection exists,
Within, and without!
Here, there is most definitely…
Here and there.

Ah… but of course…
It's not that simple!

For here, in manifestation,
In the locus of the Heart,
Pure Being Shines,
The most impossible paradox,
And there is neither here nor there…
Immaculate Imperfection,

Depending on where Attentions stands,
It will speak thus, or thus,
Absolutely, or relatively,
From enlightenment, or ignorance,
Perfection, or imperfection,
Nondual… or dual.

In the land of True and False,
This is true, and that is false.
In Pure Being,
Neither true nor false,
Ever existed.

Because formlessness shines into form,
And the Absolute floods the relative,
Through the locus of the Heart,
Both are true, at once!
And neither!

I am everything.
I am nothing.
I am both,
And neither.

Had enough, Dear Mind?
Thank you, my weary Friend.
Take rest now…

In the Heart.

Beautiful poetry of  Chuck Surface

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