Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bentinho Massaro - Re-Union

First there is Personal Victimhood, for example:
“Everybody is against me! Why is this happening to me?”

Then follows Spiritual Victimhood, for example:
“I am not the doer, all is in thy hands, Lord!”

Then follows re-union:
We realize that the freedom that we experienced and glimpsed beyond the borders of our personal self, for example through exercising the thought “I am not the doer, all is your will, I surrender!” is also us, is also our Self.

Bliss indeed is beyond yourself… outside of the sense of ‘me and my ideas’, and yet, that which is beyond ourselves, is also our selves. We are God. Realizing this from a true, humble and genuine place, is the Re-Union.

When we realize this truth, we re-empower consciousness without losing the freedom from knowing ourselves as beyond the personal illusion.

When we don’t realize yet that we are that which we surrendered to, but do realize that life is not in our small self’s control (the stage of spiritual victimhood) we are semi-free, disempowered consciousnesses, possibly well on our way to coming full circle, if we gain the courage to see.

And for a while we may feel like we need to maintain that middle perspective, for re-empowerment would mean ego kicks back in. But this does not have to be so.

The re-empowerment of consciousness happens when we realize:

A) That we’re not our thoughts, emotions and the sense of being a separate isolated individual in an externalized world.

and B) That that which remains without us, is also us…

ShaBANG!!! :-) Hello Self. Hello Me. Wowsers.

That’s when we start to learn to communicate between both worlds, and seat ourselves naturally in that higher consciousness, from which it starts to remember that it is, indeed, a creator of the illusion, not by accident, but filled to the brim with purpose and intention.

Scary to consider as an option, if you’ve gotten used to spiritual victimhood, ain’t it?

That being said, spiritual victimhood, is a great achievement in consciousness already. It is amazingly potent to realize we are not our concerns, and it feels so good being a victim to Spirit, rather than a victim to the world and its inhabitants.

Nevertheless, that which you project you are victim of, servant of, is also You. It is your Home, it is your Self. You ARE, beyond yourself, already.

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