Thursday, December 6, 2012

Zen Teaching of Hui Hai

Hui-hai as a young man traveled to the monastery of Ch'an master Ma-tsu about 1,200 years ago and recorded the following conversation:

Ma-tsu: What do you hope to gain by coming here?
Hui Hai: I have come seeking the Buddha-Dharma (i.e. the Way).
Ma Tsu: Instead of looking to the treasure house which is your very own, you have left home and gone wandering far away. What for?
Hui Hai: Please tell me to what you alluded when you spoke of a treasure house of my own.
Ma Tsu: That which asked the question is your treasure house. It contains absolutely everything you need and lacks nothing at all. It is there for you to use freely, so why this vain search for something outside yourself?

~ From the Zen Teaching of Hui Hai: On Sudden Illumination, translated by John Blofeld

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