Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ulla - ONE voice

What rest in Silence but the first sigh so words could out of it fly!
Consciousness is stirred by a Thought that is heard!

One Voice!

There are many speakers, only ONE voice.
Appearing separate and with a choice.

In the hall of mirrors the ONE stand,
Giving reflections of more than ONE brand.

Mistaken itself with more is Existences constant chore,
Yet, always ONE at the core.

In form through continuity,
Boundless divinity, formless in infinity,

Never born, never to die, Existence freely fly.

When in the stillness there are no pieces and chess.
Only ONEness in recess.

Embracing nothingness in its fold,
No formless or form to hold.


One Space!

There is only ONE space,
With plenty of stars and planets to have a base.

Stars and planets come and depart,
Like a supernova that split apart.

Space remain even when there are no objects to detain.

The backdrop of space is the ONE essence of Grace.

Stars and planets may go ablaze,
What remains leave no trace,
The untouched silence of space.


Encompassing Sea!

There is a still and encompassing silent Sea,
Embracing the moment HERE and NOW and BE.

Until the stirring of a wave for movement crave,
Creating a turf where Life can surf, ahead or reverse.

The future and past was born with a wave that was torn.
Along with the many characters that necessitate the cast,

That appears in Life so real and filled with contrast.
Until the wave reach the shore and once again returns to the silent core. 

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