Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Franklin Merrell-Wolf - I Am That

Am I this body of thoughts in my mind? no. One 
gets a little closer to his thoughts than to anything 
else, and it's a little harder to untangle this. But if he 
watches and studies closely enough, the thoughts 
come to me. I accept or reject them. 
That which accepts or rejects them is different from the thought. 
And then I finally reach this point where I find that 
I must be this something, in some sense, different 
from other people. I'm not the mind, I'm not the 
feelings, I'm not the body—that I see. But I surely 
am, I surely am an individual, apart from others.
now what you've gotten a hold of is a very 
difficult fellow—it's your ego. He can sneak around 
and confuse you like the dickens. You can spend 
years trying to get behind him. And what you do, 
you can get into an infinite regression. you look at 
your ego. All right, here am I and all of a sudden it 
dawns upon you that that which is looking at the 
ego is really the I. So you stick that one out in front. 
you look at it again, but then you realize it couldn't 
be, because here is a something that is observable. 
At last it finally dawns that I AM THAT which is 
never an object before Consciousness. And mayhap, 
at that moment, in your analysis—the Heavens will  open.

Franklin Merrell-Wolff, from "The Induction"

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