Saturday, December 22, 2012

Excerpt from "Dialogues With a Modern Mystic" - Andrew Harvey and Mark Matousek.

 Andrew Harvey, in "Dialogues With a Modern Mystic" Andrew Harvey and Mark Matousek.

Advaita is not monism. Advaita means "not-two." We and the
universe are not "one": then all distinctions would be destroyed.
We are "not-two," intricately interrelated with everything, both separate,
unique *and* united. The astonishment of this dance of
"not-two" grows slowly as the mind and heart open in  divine love
and wisdom. Imagine that there was a heap of gold and a skillful
smith. The smith made fir trees, geraniums, tables, human beings, lamps.
Every object had a different shape, a different
purpose and identity but was made of the same thing. Look at the
sea. All waves are rising and falling differently, in different rhythms,
with different volumes. Some catch the light some do not. You can see the
separations between the waves but what you also see quite clearly is that
all the waves are water. That is what the knowledge
of "not-two" is like. Things retain the separateness which the
senses give them, which we use to negotiate this reality, but the illumined
mind knows that all things are Brahman, waves of one infinite sea of light.
You know, in other words, that you and everything and the light that  is at
all times manifesting everything
are "not-two," and "you" come to exist normally on all levels of
the divine creation, and meet "yourself" in all states, events, conditions,
beings. This is sahaja, spontaneous negotiation of
and union with all dimensions at all moments. Nisargadatta
Maharaj explains most lucidly the marvelous transitions to this
state: "When the I am myself goes, the I am all comes. When the
I am all goes, the I am comes. When even I am goes, Reality
alone is and in it every I am is preserved and glorified."

It is wonderful that this the most ultimate and holy of all
possible experiences in this world, that of unity, of advaita, has
to be enjoyed by everyone in their own profound solitude, at that
diamond point of solitude at which everyone secretly joins and
meets God and each other and all things. This final experience
kept for this most sacred and secret moment and is too vast an
precious to be ever completely communicated. This is the
moment when the created one returns to the source of creation
the moment at which all laws, dogmas and techniques that helped
the mystic arrive at that diamond point vanish in the silence of
return to origin.

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