Friday, December 14, 2012

Bentinho Massaro - from "Insights Into Awareness"

You are not in the World, the World appears in You
All appearances together is what we may call the world, or sometimes it is 
called Maya. It is much like a dream-world which simply appears/exists 
within mind/consciousness. 
There cannot truly be proven to be a world 'out there' that's separate from 
awareness. „Separate from Awareness‟ means that it exists as something 
other than pure perception; as an individual object, an autonomous 
Even if we could find solid indications of there being an actual world out 
there, separate from awareness, then where would that perception/proof 
occur? By what is it known? That very piece of evidence and the process 
of investigation, all appears within awareness.
Can we prove something, can we state something is here, when we are 
not aware of that perception?
As an analogy, Einstein once suggested: "Does the moon really exist if we 
are not looking at it?"
The entire world exists within awareness. Like a dream, it exists within the 
mind alone and is never separate from mind. Dream = Mind, World = 
Awareness. There is no dream that does not consist of mind. There is no 
dream that exists of some individual substance or power/nature. All 
appearances within a dream, no matter how real they look and feel to the 
sensory perceptions, consists of Mind/Awareness and appear in 
Mind/Awareness alone. 

So too does the „biggest‟ appearance of all: The world in its totality, the 
universe, appear within awareness. In this sense we can use the proverb 
that says: "You are not within the world, the world is within you."
We can try to pick apart our thoughts and emotions for an eternity as if 
they are objects perceived by a perceiver, and not ever realize awareness 
We have to start seeing that all appearances exist as one single 
appearance/perception and that all 'individual aspects' are nothing more 
than one, total, pure perception within awareness. 
Only if we start to recognize that awareness is free from, yet fully 
pervades/permeates the appearances as a whole at all times, will we truly 
make a shift in experiential consciousness, which starts to recognize the 
natural presence of what's never touched by any appearance yet in which
all appearances exist as.

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