Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amata Natasha Goldie - "In Pure Joy"

Let there be no despair, my love,
For the Source is with you always,
When you gaze upon the spectrum of dusk
As the Sun God vanishes from view,
Dream of me

When the stage of play surmounts to nothing,
And you open your eyes to see a new tomorrow,
Then the Divine has danced her dance,
And released you from your bondage,
Awaken with me

If your longing in the still of night,
Has met with the heart of your soul,
Then you have cracked open the chains of fear,
And discovered your seed of courage,
Fly with me

When your prayer reaches to the heavens,
And your teardrops fall to Gaia,
Your love, unconditional blossoms,
And your breath of reverence dances as new light
Then divinity shall bow her head

In pure joy, in pure joy

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