Sunday, December 2, 2012

A-Hameed Ali - Traveler in the desert

Traveler in the desert
Seeking my heart’s desire,
Drawn by a vague memory
From immemorial past,
Guided by a subtle taste
On my thirsty lips.
When one day
In the middle of the desert
There appears suddenly
As if out of nowhere
A beautiful garden,
Lush green
With running streams
And cool breeze,
With a fragrance of jasmine
That’s so sweet
And so young.
The deeper I go into the garden
The greener the green
And the sweeter the fragrance,
Until I come into the center.
There I behold
With a joyful wonder
The source of the sweet fragrance;
A fountain of abundance,
Spreading out fluidly
Like the tail of the peacock,
Pouring luminous colors
And showering rainbows.
It’s so clear
And so pure
Like the nectar of jasmine,
A syrup so sweet
For it is honey.
I drink and drink
Until my heart is fully satisfied
And my thirst totally quenched.
Knowing with certainty
That there is absolutely nothing else
That my heart desires,
My body and soul
Joyously melt
Into a thickening ocean
Of sweet honey,
And reclining on a tree
With complete ease
Total contentment
And supreme happiness
I lie down
Close my eyes
And take a long awaited rest.
Here a sweet melodious music
Deliciously seeps into my ears.
I feel that I do not hear
Rather drink the sweet music,
That seems to flow like water
From the fountain of Kauther.
I open my eyes
To see my hands
Playing on a harp
A song of love,
And to my delight
I discover that
The harp is naught
But my own heart.

From Heart Dweller 

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