Monday, November 19, 2012

Tony Parsons - of Love...

In the play of appearance, wholeness can pretend to be something apart which is rushing around all over the place looking for that which already is. It is an amazing and unfulfilling dream-like story which is uniquely human and is also sublimely without purpose. For the apparent seeker, however, the pain and longing of separation seems very real. So, should the seeker climb the spiritual mountain or simply let go and surrender to life ? Is that the question ? Or is it possible that there is no question and no answer. Maybe what is sought is all there is. Perhaps the beloved that is longed for is already constantly happening, it never went away, the seeker did, to look for it. Perhaps, when the seeking dream dissolves into that unbounded energy, which sees no separation and has no agenda or expectation, then suddenly that longing is embraced in that unconditional love that is no-ones. 

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